Thank you for taking an active step to aid Beirut through the Lebanon Medical Relief Project - a People to People transfer from Americans to the Lebanese directly. As donations from the global community pour into Beirut, medical supplies remain in very short supply and hospitals only have a few days of essential supplies available. The American Task Force on Lebanon (ATFL) is leading a national coordinated effort to airlift medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment to Lebanon. It’s an approach that deals with the urgency to get the donated medicines, medical supplies that these hospitals need -- NOW, and requires national coordination with experienced NGOs like ANERA, AFYA Foundation, and Direct Relief, in addition to US government agencies. On August 23, 2020, it is expected that the first plane will be sent to Lebanon with nearly $11 million in medical and surgical supplies. Cash donations will help subsidize procurement, shipping, palletizing and handling expenses within the 48 states. Please donate at the first link below!

Pharmaceutical Donations: Due to the strict regulation around pharmaceuticals worldwide, we can only accept donations of medication from the manufacturer or wholesale distributor. If this fits your company's description, please contact Rashal Zureikat below for a list of medical needs from the Lebanese hospitals.

For individuals and organizations with access to medical and surgical supplies, please contact:

Rashal Baz Zureikat
+1 (810) 516-7444

We are so proud of the many Lebanese-American philanthropists and affiliated charities who have joined this initiative to effectuate relief in our beloved Beirut. A specific thank you to the Lebanon Relief Working Group whom put this together:

Ambassador Edward Gabriel, Ghassan and Manal Saab, Jean AbiNader, Andrew MacCalla, Rashal Baz Zureikat, Leslie Touma, Kristen Kouttab, Danielle Butin, David Bourns, Sean Carroll, Nisreen Khala, Hady Amr, Nina Idris, Mazen Turk, Nada Charara, Dany Belerian, Alain Shikani, Gregory Milne, Josyann Abisaab, Jacques Tohme, Jay Ghazal, Nadine Kassouf Sayegh, Michael Kassouf, Fayrouz Saad, Peter Tanous, Rebecca Abou-Chedid, Edward Ayoob, Ray Hachem, Nadia Abourizik-Asaad, Nabil Khoury, Micheline Nader, ATFL (American Task Force for Lebanon), ANERA, Direct Relief, AFYA Foundation, NAAMA, Clinton Foundation, and Jobs for Lebanon.